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I lack motivation to keep this place going
Do not fret as the domain expires near the end of 2020, so as long as I still want to have a server around, hosting this place is effectively free.

However, we're not getting any new members and all of our current ones (Ayayayayayayayayaya - that's it) are crap. Anything that I put time into writing gets no views from the public and anything that no time is put into, such as a board with no threads in it, gets some views. Great. By "some", I mean two figures. Two.
(6 Jan '17, 23:05:30)coolguy123 Wrote:Did I just get warned for violating a rule before it existed?
[Image: trash-dove.gif]
Don't worry, Mr.

We all lack motivation.
I'm not tsundere, Yoko, you b-b-b-baka!
I bested coolguy123 in a Brawl Minus 4 character Iron Man


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