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I preordered this game today
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I don't even have a Switch yet, but I made sure I preordered the game 76 days in advance so I could have the game and not the console. My logic is gr8 I know. Big Grin

We of course I'm just gonna stare at the box art for 2 months and pray I get a Switch for Christmas! What else would I do?
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It would make more sense to try and get it at the same time as a Switch, but okay. They'd better have enough Switch systems this Christmas and make sure to advertise it a little since it's important Switches are thrown around rather than the next 4K Xbox experience, at least for Nintendo. But I'd honestly be up for the PS4 doing well due to N. Sane Trilogy.
(6 Jan '17, 23:05:30)coolguy123 Wrote:Did I just get warned for violating a rule before it existed?
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