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Stars System
Have you ever seen stars underneath someone's name?

Do not worry as you're not mad! Let's run through what it means.

By the way, the brackets will appear empty if you do not have images enabled. Of course, expect a pretty poor experience if you don't have images enabled whilst surfing the net.

1 Star ([Image: star.png]) - Not Yet Important
A regular member will have one star. Think of the star as a gift for signing up to such a wonderful website! The Not Yet Important user title can be changed in the Edit Profile section of the User Control Panel, as can the others.

2 Stars ([Image: star.png][Image: star.png]) - Contributor
Anyone with 10 posts has contributed enough to the website to deserve two stars underneath their name and is not yet addicted enough to be unable to leave for good.

3 Stars ([Image: star.png][Image: star.png][Image: star.png]) - Frequent Post Person
Anyone with three stars underneath their name has wasted enough of their life away on this website to make 100 posts.

4 Stars ([Image: star.png][Image: star.png][Image: star.png][Image: star.png]) - Sexy Switch Fan
If you have made 1000 posts, you must really be a fan of The Switch, and hopefully you're pretty good-looking too. Then again, anyone boring enough to spend so much time on this website has probably turned into some sort of mouldy, soggy slice of bread.

5 Stars ([Image: star.png][Image: star.png][Image: star.png][Image: star.png][Image: star.png]) - Mush
After making 10,000 posts, you've probably turned into mush, the next stage after turning into mouldy, soggy, sexy bread. However, you get the full five stars!

6 Stars ([Image: star.png][Image: star.png][Image: star.png][Image: star.png][Image: star.png][Image: star.png]) - Fabulous
You have to be pretty important to have six stars underneath your name. I do, for example.

I was tempted to make a 100,000 posts milestone, but the entire website reaching that figure seems unrealistic, nevermind one member alone. However, a 100,000 post milestone will be added if anyone gets to 10,000, assuming the stars system has survived up until that point.

Do not break Rule 1.4 in the process of increasing your post count, and try to keep as many of your posts as constructive as possible. You can read the full rules and legalities here.
(6 Jan '17, 23:05:30)coolguy123 Wrote:Did I just get warned for violating a rule before it existed?
[Image: trash-dove.gif]
I can't waste anymore of my life than I've already wasted on TBT so why not. I'm aiming to be a soggy slice of bread. That sounds like a fantastic goal, it deserves a medal for best goal set in 2017 lmao
Heart I love my mufkn chompys  Heart
[Image: vRLx9x0.jpg] 
Nice system.  Tongue

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