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The title has yet to be confirmed
As of 22.12.16, the title of the Switch's new Pokémon game has yet to be confirmed, so why does the thread have an actual title? It should just be [Untitled Pokémon Game], but this website doesn't even have the consistency to do that.
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There actually still is an [Untitled Pokémon game] forum on here. Perhaps it should be removed since it's all Pokémon Stars, really, but Sun and Moon might come out on The Switch. Let's not worry about the forum mess for the time being.

Also... ew, dots in dates. Only do that if it's handwritten since a dot is easier than a slash when writing, but when typing it's about the same. Slashes look prettier. Not to mention that you're going to confuse the Americans! THEY DON'T KNOW ABOUT THE 22nd MONTH!
(6 Jan '17, 23:05:30)coolguy123 Wrote:Did I just get warned for violating a rule before it existed?
[Image: trash-dove.gif]

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