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This game is anti-Christian
Says I, the uninformed.
I'm not tsundere, Yoko, you b-b-b-baka!
I bested coolguy123 in a Brawl Minus 4 character Iron Man

(6 Jan '17, 23:05:30)coolguy123 Wrote:Did I just get warned for violating a rule before it existed?
[Image: trash-dove.gif]
Game's not anti-Christian, but it does feature the Antichrist.
   JJJJJJJJJJ      A        CCCCCCC  K    K   
     J          A A      CC        K   K  
      J         A   A     C         K   K   
      J         A   A     C         KKK     
     J        AAAAAAA    C         K  K   
 JJJ J        A     A    C         K  K   
    J   J       A       A   CC        K    K    
    JJJJJ       A       A    CCCCCCC  K    K    

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