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This may be the worst Nintendo Switch game
I decided to have a little look on Amazon to see how low Nintendo Switch game prices go, and it seems to be £19.99. And that is how I stumbled across Troll and I...

Here is every single review left on Amazon UK as of sometime in the morning 19 August:

Steven Wrote:1 Star - Not even worth one star
Was aware that the other versions of the game bad their issues, but this takes the cake. Looks like a PS2 game, runs at 10 maybe 15 fps.

Absolute joke that this was ever released.

Mr. J. Ward Wrote:1 Star - Maximum Games are the only troll here
I'm just going to start off by saying this game should not have been released. It is nowhere near an acceptable level of quality for a game at this, or any other price point.

The cut scenes are around 15fps and stutter continuously, and the game play is no better. It genuinely feels unplayable. As for graphical quality, I agree with one of the fellow reviewers, it's about PS2 level.

Save your money. Maximum Games are the only trolls here.

Amazon Customer Wrote:1 Star - DO NOT BUY!!
DO NOT BUY!!! Game is full of glitches and bugs! Almost unplayable.

Richy H. Wrote:3 Stars - Oh dear not good for switch(better)
A company should never be allowed to release something in this state to start with it judders very badly in parts
And I got to the first part were in needs to load and it well don't load this is like buying a car with no wheels and seats. Pointless needs massive updates..looked up a fix online seems much better at mo

Jamie Osborne Wrote:1 Star - Terrible, Absolutely Terrible Extremely glitchy
Terrible, Absolutely Terrible

Extremely glitchy, Frames rates are on par with SNAKE from the classic mobile phone Nokia 3310

It needs sorting as they'll be a lot of unhappy gamers out there.

Calum Wrote:1 Star - Sucks
It's not lagging for me but the quality is horrible and the acting is worse

DLW Wrote:3 Stars - Fix For Lag Issue Troll And I
The game is not great but not that bad, i also had a lag issue, looked up the problem on Google and for some reason if you hard reset the Switch to turn off (hold down power button at top) not into sleep mode then turn back on again it resolves the frame lag issue, how? i dont know but it worked!!! before you send it back give it a try.This i found out from a site called 'Nintendo Insider' i hope this helps everyone else :-)

piX Wrote:1 Star - Worst game on switch!
Ha ha ha ha, no. Just buy something else!

Kenneth. Wrote:5 Stars - I am satisfied with it :)
I don't own a Nintendo Switch Console so I have no idea how good or bad the quality of this video game is.

I didn't purchase this product for personal usage, I purchased it to make a profit from it and I will do most certainly that.

Due to the cost of this product being incredibly low compared to better NS games, I know I'll be able to make personal profit per unit of approximately €27.97 and in fact I already have.

So as a physical hardware product it's excellent, But as a standalone game it's probably complete trash.

I am satisfied none the less.

Glen Wrote:3 Stars - A half decent game let down by technical issues
When I first started this game up and watched the opening cut scene, I had some serious misgivings. It must have been running at about 5 frames per second with character's mouths moving for a good few moments after dialogue had finished and character models moving as if they were under water, fighting against a heavy current. When I was given control of the character (Otto), things hadn't improved at all and it looked like the game would be completely unplayable.

After a quick search online, it was suggested that a hard of the switch(by holding the reset button down) should help. This fixed the frame rate issue, for me at least.

So is the game good? Well having put about 10 hours in now, it's certainly not as bad as a lot of people have made out. It involves using the character swapping mechanic (between Otto and his friend, the troll) to solve basic environment based puzzles. Sometimes you will need one of the characters specifically and sometimes they must work together to move through each area. There is a crafting system in the game seen in other games such as the Tomb Raider reboot or the Escapists, in which you can build stronger weapons to defend yourself from enemies. There is also a basic levelling up system where you can make Otto stronger with more health or a longer stamina bar.

The technical issues can cause problems and I have had my caharacter get stuck on the environment once or twice causing me to have to close the game and re-open it. There I clipping on objects and it all feels a bit rough. The graphics look very last gen too.

I have tried the co-op mode for about an hour too and, although perfectly serviceable, the nature of the puzzles means one player having to sometimes stand around for a while whilst the other player runs over a bridge they are holding (for example). It's ok, just a little mundane.

In conclusion, there is some fun to be had here and I certainly don't regret buying it. For under £20, it's another physical game for my Switch collection and the story looks to be around 8-10 hours. The technical issues certainly do bog the game down and I was very concerned with the terrible frame rate when I first started the game up but thankfully, the restart suggestion fixed this. I have not had any major technical issues, a few minor annoyances is about all. Perhaps I have been lucky and others have seen worse but I can only judge it on what I've experienced. Overall, I have enjoyed it and if you can look past the rough edges and are a quite forgiving gamer (like me) then you might find some enjoyment here.

Doesn't look too good, and the only five-star is from a reseller.
(6 Jan '17, 23:05:30)coolguy123 Wrote:Did I just get warned for violating a rule before it existed?
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Sounds awesome. Might consider it.
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