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Why does the title have a "K"?
I've never actually understood why games choose to stylise their titles like this. They have the same amount of characters, so it isn't easier to type, and the syllable argument can be countered by pronouncing it like "Twenty seventeen". So I ask, what's the point?

inb4 coolguy123 is mad
I'm not tsundere, Yoko, you b-b-b-baka!
I bested coolguy123 in a Brawl Minus 4 character Iron Man

To look different and cool.

Also, I find it amusing that Windows had, ignoring pre-95 versions: 95, 98, 2000, blah blah, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Like, it started out being related to the years but then... I don't even know. Random numbers, I guess.
(6 Jan '17, 23:05:30)coolguy123 Wrote:Did I just get warned for violating a rule before it existed?
[Image: trash-dove.gif]

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